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  • March 29, 2017

We have nearly 20 years production experience in local place with high quality and competitive price, the most point is we have accumulated abundant practical experiences and can provide you with perfect customer service and technical support. We always adhere to the aim of reducing cost for customers and all of our programs are devised in line with the actual requirements on the spot. We believe only the fittest is the best !

Technical Support

-we have special experts who can visit your factory and design suitable dust collecting solutions 

- we have special foreign trade team to offer you consulting services about any projects problems 

- we have special construction team to supply installation guide, maintenance as well as replacement 

- we have closed tie partners who can supply the best spare parts with favorable price 

- we can provide the whole system for projects, such as pipeline, fans, rotary valves, spark detectors and conveyors, etc. 

- we ensure to give effective dedusting solutions based on scientific investigation and analysis 

- we guarantee one year free service once encounter problems about the projects

Baghouse Design

Our dust collectors all come standard with on demand cleaning, an automated cleaning system for your dust collector that can improve your dust collectors efficiency and performance while reducing energy consumption and labor costs. With on demand cleaning, the control panel is set by the operator to clean the bags only when the differential pressure reaches a high range, then the system will pulse down to a lower range. Cleaning pauses until the differential pressure reaches the high range once more and the system will automatically pulse down again. This continues as an ongoing cycle that is performed the entire time your dust collector is running.