Fiber Glass fiber Filter Bag

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  • May 18, 2017

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medium alkali fiberglass material, 30 bundle of regular yarn, and the same weave lines on two sides. woven fiberglass silicone graphite teflon finish, 620g/m2, inside diameter: 127mm, length(not including the strap): 4089.4mm total length: 4572mm(including strap), middle wide: 203.2mm, the end tapered: 98mm, flat strap long: 482.6mm, flat strap end wide: 114.3mm

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fiber glass fiber characteristic

Glass fiber filter bag is a kind of high temperature resistance filter material which has reasonable structure and good performance. It not only has the same advantage of the glass fabrics,as high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,stable size,small elongation shrinkage, high strength, etc. But also the carpet fiber is the short fiber which fineness is just about 5-7 microns, three dimensional micro-pore structure,high porosity,small filtration resistance for gas, it is a kind of high temperature filter material which with the high speed and the high efficiency.