Bag Dust Filter + Double Alkaline Desulfurization

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  • May 05, 2017

dust filter

Technical Requirements

Bag Dust Filter 

-Choose long bag low pressure pulse bag filter, effectively improve the pulse bag filter dust removal efficiency and operation reliability, prolong the service life of the filter bag, reduce the labor intensity of the operators.Especially suitable for boiler flue gas dust removal purification, with strong ability, high efficiency of dust collection, stable operation, low gas consumption, small area, etc. 

Main characteristics:

(1) adopt unique ventilation design technology: using the filter inlet airflow homogenization Settings, coarser particles directly into the hopper.To reduce the damage of filter bag, the airflow into the bag chamber got the homogenization, reduce effectively the pressure loss , to adapt to the high concentration of dust collection management; 

(2) using online reverse pulse soot blowing ash removal technology, does not affect the equipment operation condition of normal continuous operation, improve the effect of the ash removal, prolong the service life of filter bag; 

(3) the filter bag has high dust removal efficiency; 

(4) electromagnetic pulse valve adopts double diaphragm structure, control of sensitive, high efficiency, long service life, etc. 

(5) the filter can be used regularly, constant pressure dust control mode, all adopt the automatic centralized control, stable and reliable running.

Desulfurization Dacilities 

--With double alkaline desulfurization, Using the desulfurizer for sodium hydroxide, Powdered lime as auxiliary additives, the main products for desulfurization slag (calcium sulfite). 

Desulfurization processing methods: smaller due to the boiler, the main byproduct calcium sulfite adopt manual cleaning.  The reconstruction project of desulfurization system aided system (including: circulating pump, pulp pool, pool backflow regeneration and circulation line), the old, making a new desulfurization tower and tower auxiliary facilities, include: spray layer, the vortex board, mist eliminator, and backwash system.