How to choose the size of the accurate dust bag?

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  • April 26, 2019

    The important factor affecting the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is the dust bag. When designing the size of the bag, there are many factors to consider, because in different cases, the size of the bag will affect the dust removal effect. So, how do you choose the size of the bag? The following dust collector manufacturers will tell you.

                           How to choose the size of the accurate dust bag?

How to choose the size of the dust bag?

    1. First, the length of the dust bag, when the amount of flue gas, the filtration speed and the diameter of the dust bag are the same, increasing the length of the bag can reduce the number of bags, thereby reducing the floor space, reducing the components of the cleaning system, and saving investment. , shorten the cleaning cycle.

    2. The dust bag is lengthened, and the dust collector box should be extended upwards accordingly. The strength of the component must be increased to increase the cost of the equipment. From the point of pulse injection, the effective length of the dust bag must be effectively cleaned. At the end of the blowing, there is enough energy. The longer the dust bag is, the more energy is needed, and the more easily the bag blowing end is damaged; the dust bag is lengthened, the weight supported by the filter material is increased, and the tension is increased;

    When cleaning online, the longer the filter bag is, the more likely it is to return the dust from the bag to the bag. If it is off-line, the longer the dust bag, the longer the pause after cleaning, and the more the filter is cleared. Slow; if the bag is too long, it will be inconvenient to install and maintain; if the dust collector is installed indoors, the length of the dust bag will be limited by the height of the building.

    3. The diameter of the dust bag is related to the filter material used. Since all kinds of filter materials have their scale width, the filter bag diameter should be determined according to the filter material width in order to make full use of the filter material. The thickness of the dust bag is also related to the required cleaning energy and the arrangement of the pulse valve.