What should I do if the dust bag of the bag filter is dama...

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  • Jimmy at
  • January 24, 2019

    The dust bag of the bag filter is also a common fault of the air bag pulse bag dust collector. Under normal circumstances, if there is parking opportunity, we should replace the dust bag in time. If the conditions are not allowed, and only the individual dust bag is damaged, we can take The following measures:

                                       What should I do if the dust bag of the bag filter is damaged?

    (1) If the area of the dust bag is damaged, the rag can be filled with a new cloth bag of the same material. The hole filling method is to use a silicone rubber compound for bonding, as long as the temperature, chemical properties and process conditions of the binder are used. Adaptable.

    (2) Manually close the lift valve of each chamber in turn, observe the chimney of the bag filter, if the lift valve of which room is closed, the dust emission of the chimney of the bag filter is significantly reduced, indicating which room is damaged;

    (3) Remove the broken bag, use the cover plate to block the flower plate hole, or directly smash the broken bag mouth;

    (4) Close the pulse valve and poppet valve in the room where the bag is broken, open the inspection door, and determine the number and position of the damaged bag.