What are the methods for extending the life of the filter ...

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  • January 25, 2019

The method of extending the life of the filter bags:

     1、The aging of the filter bags. Mainly due to the following reasons, it is necessary to investigate the cause, take the elimination measures and replace the dust filter bag.

     (1)hardening and shrinking due to abnormal high temperature,

     (2)Due to contact with a vapor of an acid, a base or an organic solvent,

     (3)Reacts with moisture.

                                        What are the methods for extending the life of the filter bags?

     2、The blockage of the bag of the dust collector. When the bag is clogged, the resistance is increased, which can be expressed by the increase of the reading of the differential pressure gauge. The blockage of the bag is the main cause of the wear, perforation and falling off of the bag. The cause of the blockage of the dust bag is caused. , check and repair according to the following table. Generally take the following measures:

     (1)Temporarily strengthen the cleaning to eliminate the blockage of the bag.

     (2)Replace the bag partially or completely,

     (3)Adjust the installation and operation prerequisites.

     3、The filter cloth should not be too loose or too tight, too loose and easy to dust, too tight and easy to pull. Replace the filter bags, first use compressed air to blow, then check for holes, repair holes After the sputum is left to be replaced. If the bag filter is covered with dust, wash it with water, dry it and leave it for replacement.