High Quality Electromagnetic Pulse Valves

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  • January 18, 2019

Solenoid Valve

Electromagnetic pulse valve is compressed air switch for dedusting pulse jet blowing system of pulse bag filter, controlled by the pulse injection control device, through blowing and cleaning by room-by-room, row-by-row, to keep the dust resistance in a set scope to ensure that the handling capacity and dust collection efficiency is better. 

We think a high-quality electromegnetic pulse valve should satisfy three conditions, namely: good switching characteristics good circulation reliable service life

Pulse Valve Working Principle

Electromagnetic pulse valve is opened and closed through the unloading hole of the electric signal control valve body. When the valve body is unloaded, the pressure gas in the rear cavity of the valve is discharged, the pressure gas in the front cavity of the valve is choked by the pressure blocking hole on the membrane, which is raised and the pulse valve begins to blow. When the valve body stops unloading, the pressure gas fills in the rear cavity of the valve rapidly through the orifice.Because of the difference in the force-summing area of both membrane sides on the valve body, the gas in the rear cavity of the valve reliably and the pulse valve stops blowing.

solenoid valves