How to prevent the bag filter from corroding?

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  • January 22, 2019

    Although there are many factors that cause the bag filter to corrode, the most direct cause is that the temperature of the gas will approach the dew point, and it may be below the dew point, causing condensation of the gas and condensation on the metal surface. Therefore, in order to prevent the bag filter from being corroded, the most direct and effective measure is to improve the process system and operation method to avoid condensation.

                     How to prevent the bag filter from corroding?

1. Reduce the moisture content of the gas

    Reducing the moisture content of the gas reduces the dew point temperature of the gas, and also increases the temperature of the gas as much as possible to increase the temperature difference between the gas temperature and the dew point temperature. Practice has also proved that this experience value is too small, because many working conditions are difficult to predict, if the air leakage rate is relatively large, the gas temperature is preferably higher than the dew point temperature by more than 30 degrees.

2. Reduce the air leakage rate of the dust bag of the bag filter

    Leakage is also an important cause of corrosion of the precipitator, because the air leakage is closely related to the negative pressure inside the precipitator. The larger the negative pressure, the more serious the air leakage will be. When the positive pressure is operated, it will not bring the performance of the bag filter. The impact, but the dust is easier to enter the dust bag of the bag filter, so it is necessary to improve the sealing structure of the bag filter, so that the sub-fan wear is not so obvious.

3. Strengthen the sealing of the system

    This method mainly involves the sealing of the baghouse itself and other equipment and piping in the baghouse system. Because the density of the baghouse itself depends on the casing, in order to maintain a good seal of the casing, it is necessary to first ensure the quality of the manufacture and installation of the baghouse, and all the joints of the casing are preferably used. For continuous welding, the seal around the door should also be made of heat-resistant silicone rubber.