How to choose a suitable dust collector equipment?

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  • January 22, 2019

    Dust collectors are an increasingly indispensable part of industrial development. Especially in today's increasingly strict form of environmental protection. However, there are now many types of dust collector equipment, filter cartridge dust collector, bag filter, cyclone dust And so on. So, how do we choose a dust collector equipment suitable for our own company is a problem we must seriously consider!

                                         How to choose a suitable dust collector equipment?             

1. According to the dust dispersion and density selection to distinguish the dust collector equipment

    The dust dispersion has a great influence on the function of the dust collector equipment, and the dust dispersion is the same, because the operating conditions are different. Therefore, when selecting the type of the dust collector equipment, the first thing is to grasp the dispersion of the dust, such as When the particle size is more than 10μm, the cyclone dust collector equipment can be selected. When the particle size is more than a few micrometers, the electrostatic precipitator equipment and the bag type dust collector equipment should be selected, and the detailed selection can be based on the dispersion degree and other requirements. The type of dust collector and the function table are initially selected; then it is determined according to other preconditions and types of dust collector equipment and functions.

    Dust density has a great influence on the dust removal function of the dust collector equipment. The most significant effects of this dust are gravity, inertial force and centrifugal dust collector equipment. One common point of all dust collector equipment is that the smaller the bulk density, the dust separation The more difficult the set is, the more severe the secondary flight of the dust is, so special measures should be taken on the handling and equipment structure.

2, According to the amount of processing gas selection type dust collector equipment

    The maximum amount of gas to be treated is the decisive factor determining the type of equipment of the precipitator. For the amount of air, it is necessary to select a precipitator device that can handle the atmospheric amount. It is often uneconomical to use multiple precipitator devices that handle small amounts of gas. For the smaller gas volume, which type of dust collector should be used to compare the most economical and easy to meet the dust source control and dust emission environmental protection requirements. Because the dust collector equipment enters the actual operation, it is sometimes affected by the manipulation and environmental premise. It is not easy to predict, therefore, when deciding the capacity of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure a certain margin or reserve some space that may increase the equipment.

3, Filter Bag Cage and dust filter bag factors also affect the selection of dust collector equipment

    The application of the dust removal skeleton in the dust collector equipment is also very extensive. The dust removal points involved in the dust removal of the dust removal frame include the top smoke guiding hole, the coal charging machine side, the coke oven door, the lead grating, and the quenching car. After the dust cover and the pipeline are collected, the telescopic sleeve that is connected with the top smoke guide car, the coal pusher and the coke car is introduced into the filter oil flame arrester by the dust collecting main pipe, and then purified by the pulse bag type dust remover. The purified clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the fan and chimney. It overcomes the cheating problem of compressed air pulse cleaning. The anti-air blowing effect is large, and the long filter bag can be used to make full use of space and occupy a small area. Arranged in the cylinder, the structure is simple and compact, and the service life of the dust bag is improved.

    The dust collected by the dust collector equipment is transported by the star discharge ash valve, screw conveyor, and packaged by the automobile. The flow pattern design of the shell cyclone dust collector device can play the role of partial cyclone to reduce the load of the dust bag. Filling filter bed filtration The packed filter bed is coated with a porous filter material such as foamed plastic, non-woven fabric and plush on the mesh drum, flat plate, etc. The dust is separated from the airflow by virtue of its good surface filtration and internal filtering. The strength of the filter bed filter is that the filter air volume is large, the resistance is low, the shape of the filter cylinder dome is average, the force is average, and the anti-explosion function is good. It is not restricted by the premise of the gas source in use, and the wearing parts are less, and the maintenance is convenient. , reliable operation.