How does the bag filters prevent fire?

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  • January 23, 2019

    Generally, the dust bag used in the bag filter has different manufacturing materials, such as PTFE coated filter material and glass fiber coated filter material, and its use is also different because of the production process and process. I don't know much, so first of all, it is recommended to check the material of the dust bag that is using the bag filter to see if it meets the dust dust condition of the bag filter, the appropriate degree of composition, etc., will it be caused by the unsuitable material to burn the bag filter? Filter bag.

                                             How does the bag filters prevent fire?                     

    The dust bag of the bag filter should be selected from the dust bag of the bag with high temperature resistance. When the temperature is above 260 degrees Celsius, the filter material is only suitable for flue gas below 200 degrees, but also due to the system. The temperature rises the bag capacity of the bag filter.

    Then there is still a certain high temperature of the flue gas. Under normal circumstances, the flue gas temperature is not more than 180 degrees, which is normal. When the flue gas temperature is greater than 180 degrees, the flue gas will cause harm to the bag of the bag filter. The bypass valve should be opened, the bag area poppet valve of the bag filter should be closed, and the flue gas should be directly discharged to the bag filter outlet. When the flue gas temperature returns to below 160 degrees, the control system will automatically not read the bag of the dust collector. The zone poppet valve opens, closes the bypass valve, and resumes normal operation. It is recommended to check the temperature of the flue gas, the temperature measurement of the bag filter and the accuracy and sensitivity of the temperature control device, and correct it in time to prevent the error from being too large. The actual temperature is much greater than the measured output temperature, which will endanger the safety of the dust filter bag.

    In addition, the main components of the boiler's flue gas are inspected, and the composition of the flue gas varies greatly depending on the coal. Check if there are oily material particles, which will adhere to the surface of the dust filter bag. When it is attached to a certain extent, it will not only affect the dust removal effect, but also may ignite the bag of the bag dust filter when the high temperature smoke passes. If this is the case The “pre-spray ash” process can be considered to reduce its adhesion and the situation should be changed. After the above-mentioned external factors are checked, adjustments can be made in combination with the adjustment of the operation mode, adjustment of parameters such as smoke pressure, flow rate and flow rate, etc., and the observation effect is observed. To comprehensive analysis, we can ensure the normal use of the bag of the bag filters.