Characteristics of GD type electrostatic precipitator

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 13, 2019

    The GD type electrostatic precipitator technology was introduced into the original electric precipitator technology in Japan. Through the digestion and absorption of the successful experience of the same industry in China, a series of GD type electrostatic precipitators have been developed, which are widely used in metallurgy and smelting industries.

                        GD type electrostatic precipitator

    In addition to the other characteristics of other types of electrostatic precipitators, such as small resistance, low energy consumption and high efficiency, the GD series electrostatic precipitator has the following points:

    1. The air distribution structure of the air inlet with unique design.

    2. There are three electrodes in the electric field (discharge electrode, dust collecting electrode, auxiliary electrode), and the electric field can be adjusted to change the electric field state to adapt to the dust treatment of different characteristics to achieve the purification effect.

    3. The yin and yang poles are free to hang.

    4. Corona wire: No matter how long the corona wire is, it is composed of one steel pipe, and there is no bolt connection in the middle, so no fault of the wire breakage occurs.