Cyclone Separator for Woodshop

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  • January 18, 2019

Cyclone Dust Collector

The cyclone separator is one of the dust collectors, which makes use of the centrifugal force generated by rotating airflow to separate and capture the particles in the wall, and then by gravity the particles fell into ash hopper. Each component of cyclone separator has a certain size ratio to affect the collection efficiency and pressure loss, in which diameter of cyclone, size of inlet and diameter of outlet as the main factors.

cyclone dust collecting

Cyclone Separator Feature

Low price, low resistance, high efficiency, large volume of air handling, stable performance and etc. Generally used to capture >5-15 microns particles.Collection efficiency can reach more than 80% but the special cyclone dust collector can reach above 5%. Cyclone separator is usually applied to boiler, multi-stage dedusting and pre-dust removal. XLP/A Cyclone dust collector can be used to purify dusts such as tobacco, pencil stone, quartz, coal, pottery clay, casting sand, quartz sand, cement and etc.