Chemical plant uses bag filter

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  • January 24, 2019

   There are many enterprises that produce chemical precipitator dust collectors, and the product quality is not the same. Therefore, when operating and maintaining the equipment, be sure to follow the manufacturer's product manual. When in doubt, it is best to confirm with the manufacturer. Blind operation. In the complex industrial environment of the chemical industry, a series of measures have been taken to ensure the stable operation of the bag filter of the chemical plant, which has achieved the desired effect.

                          Chemical plant uses bag filter       

    In order to make the chemical system of the bag filter in the process of using the bag filter in the chemical plant, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

    1) Before purchasing the bag filter of the chemical plant, it is necessary to fully understand the technical performance of the bag filter according to the production process conditions of the company, and consider whether it can meet the environmental protection requirements and the operating cost of 5 years, thus determining the specification and performance of the equipment. Go bad.

    2) When using the bag filter, the chemical plant should strictly follow the drawings and technical specifications provided by the manufacturer. The operating conditions should not be changed arbitrarily without sufficient basis and reason to prevent malfunctions caused by changes in operating conditions. If necessary, confirm with the manufacturer.

    3) When using the bag filter in the chemical plant, it is necessary to master the technical requirements and operation points of the components of the dust removal system of the bag filter, pay attention to the rationality of the matching of each part, try to avoid this small and small situation.

    4) When using the bag filter, the chemical plant should always pay attention to the working condition of the dust bag of the bag filter, and find the abnormality, analyze the reason and deal with it in time.

    5) When using the bag filter, the chemical plant should always pay attention to and record the temperature, humidity and pressure of the gas entering the bag filter, so that the bag filter operates under the specified parameters and should not be operated below the dew point temperature.

    Among the various types of dust collectors, the bag filter used in chemical plants has superior dust removal performance, and the air volume is from hundreds of cubic meters to millions of cubic meters per hour. Maintenance management is relatively simple and easy, so various chemical plants are available. Bag dust collectors are commonly used. However, no matter whether it is the design or operation of the bag filter, there is a big gap between practical experience and theoretical experience.

    If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment operation, even the excellent equipment can not fully exert its advantages, and even various faults will occur, resulting in a decrease in efficiency. If the operators and technicians are familiar with and pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, then generally In this case, the service life of the dust removal equipment will be extended, and the company will save part of the maintenance cost, so the correct operation and maintenance of the dust collector is very necessary!