Dust Collector Service

Servicing a dust collector system can become confusing and time consuming. Dust collector require year round maintenance that can take away from other essential job duties. At Yanguang we can offer fully trained and certified service crews that can help maintain your baghouse. 

Our teams can service all dust filter brands and sizes, making us the leader in this field. We can offer mechanical inspections, repairs,filter bag change-outs, installation and so on, if you are overseas, we can dispatch our engineers to your local place and design suitable baghouse based on your actual working situation. 

If you have any questions during bag filter operation, we can offer free consultation service and maintenance advice to keep your normal operation.We can custom the best transportation methods for you, such as part by part if the bag filters are too big for you and not economical by sea. 

We support to set up in your local place with our engineer's presence for guidance.Our experienced technicians are familiar with the equipment we manufacture better than anyone else.

 As a result, you avoid installation delays, set-up errors and and equipment start-up problems.Our on-site team not only installs our products, but are also involved in generic ventilation projects in both industrial and commercial settings.

  • Perforated plate installation

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    filter cages, filter bags

    To set each parts for dust collector

  • Filter Cage installation

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    to install the filter bag cage

    we have special installation team to guide this installation

  • Baghouse Installation

    (​YANGGUANG brand)

    construction site

    we have professional team to install the whole dust collecting system

  • Desulfurization baghouse

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    dust filter, bag filter

    To install the dust collection system in workshop

  • Ash Bucket

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    ash bucket mean as lower chamber for dust collector

    Construction site-set up working for ladder and baghouse

  • Air Storage pipeline with pulse valves

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    installation site

    to install the upper chamber and check

  • Magnesium plant baghouse

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    on-site installation

    we have special cranes to hoist the equipment and finish installation on site

  • Bag Filter

    (YANGGUANG brand)

    bag dust collector

    To check the filter bags, cages if they are installed well

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