Dust Filter Inspection

1,Before Operation

(1) To ensure the power supply and place of switch

(2) To check if the lubrication be in good performance 

(3) To check if the high pressure be in normal value 

(4) To ensure the sealing door in closed status 

(5)To ensure the exhaust fan damper closed 

2, During Operation

 (1) To check if has dust out from fan outlet 

 (2) To check if has wind(dust) leakage from each part of baghouse 

 (3) To ensure the high pressure pipeline no air leakage and jam, if the pulse or converse blower operates normally, lift valve is ok? ( must check one cycle process) 

 (4) If still has accumulated material in ash bucket ? If the conveyors work normally? 

 (5) If the filter bags are new replaced, when open the fan, the damper cannot open too big, lower the normal value is ok and the vibrating system must be opened after 2 hours 

 (6) To ensure the blower damper be opened less than 40% 

3, When baghouse goes down, we should notice 

 (1) First stop the exhaust fan or closed the damper 

 (2) let the vibrating cleaning system operate for a while to clear the dust on the bags 

 (3) Last to halt the conveying system

  • Coal factory dust collector

    (Yangguang brand)

    dust filters, bag dust collector

    To inspect the operation of baghouse

  • Woodshop Bag dust collector

    (Yangguang brand)

    dust filters

    our engineer visit and design bag house on site

  • Industrial Dust Collector

    (Yangguang brand)

    fans,filter cages, dust filters

    Our engineers with clients visit and investigate if the dust collection equipment operates well

  • Baghouse check

    (Yangguang brand)

    filter bags filter cages

    To check if filter bags and cages are installed correctly

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