Rotary Airlock Valve

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  • jenny at
  • March 29, 2017

Rotary Valve Project Questions

· Quantity? What is the material being fed? 

· What is the rotary valve size? Is it round or square? 

· Is it an airlock only, or airlock feeder? 

· What is above the valve? What is below the valve? What is the height clearance? 

· What are the pressure measurements above and below the airlock (positive, negative, atmospheric)? 

· Temperature above the airlock? Is the temperature ambient below the airlock? 

· Is it high, average, or low humidity above the airlock? 

· What is the bulk density of the material? 

· Is the particulate shape: Pellet, granular, powder, flake, chip, curl, lump, fibrous, etc.? What is the max particle size? 

· What flow rate are you looking for? 

· Is the material abrasive or corrosive?