Baghouse Project Questions

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  • jenny at
  • March 29, 2017

· How much CFM will be needed for the Baghouse Dust Collector? 

· What type of material will you be collecting? 

· How much dust do you usually dispose of in a day? 

· What is the bulk density of the material? 

· Approximately what air velocity (FPM) are you looking for? 

· Do you have an Air-to-Cloth Ratio in mind? 

· What is the Air Temperature projected at the inlet duct? 

· Is the material explosive? If so, do you need a spark detection system, explosion vent, or sprinkler system? 

· How many pick-up points will there be? 

· What is the static pressure you are projecting for the system? 

· Do you need us to supply the Inlet Duct, Pick-Up Hoods, Installation, or Fan? 

· Do you want a Rotary Valve or Double Dump Valve, and is a screw conveyor required? 

· What are the height and size requirements, if applicable? 

· Do you have a specific filter bag material and construction that you are looking for?