Desulfurization dust removal equipment generally is wet desulfurization dust collector, it is easy to maintain, and can reach dust collecting and desulfurization at the same time by confecting different dust cleaning agent. But its defect is that must handle the dust collecting liquid or will cause secondary pollution. therefore, this is a kind of advantage and disadvantage dust collection equipment and device.

This desulfurization tower adopts domestic advanced composite material of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, which has good anti-corrosive characteristics, long life span, multifunctional and integrated, small area occupation, easy installation, lower resistance and water consumption, to solve some practical application problems lied in wet desulfurization dust collector.

Working Principle

Sulfurous gas under the action of turbocharged turbulence device, rotating at high speed with diffusing and absorption slurry formed strong turbulent mass transfer whose process is quickly forming emulsion layer, not only the chemical absorption fast, liquid film has always been close to neutral, can keep the whole process of mass transfer rate is extremely high and stable, therefore, it is a very good low resistance efficient desulfurization equipment.

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