Cyclone Separator Introduction

Cyclone separator is a device to make dusty air rotating movement and separate dust particles from airflow by means of centrifugal force, then capture particles on the wall, again with the help of gravity that dust fell into ash hopper. Each components of cyclone dust collectors have certain size proportion and changes in the proportion will affect collection efficiency and pressure loss, and diameter, inlet size, outlet diameter as the main factors. 

Cyclone dust collectors are consist of inlet, outlet, cyclone body, ash bucket. Its structure is simple, easy to manufacture, install and maintain, less cost than other baghouses. It has been widely used to separate solid and liquid particles from gas or separate solid particles from liquid. With lower cost and wide application, it is fit for removing non-stick & non-fibrous dust(>5μm), but multi-tubes cyclone dust collector has 80-85% collection efficiency as to 3μm. Besides, it can work under 1000℃ and 500*105 pa situation if it is made of ceramic material or special metal that are heat-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant.

Cyclone Filter Application

Large scale cyclones are used in sawmills to remove sawdust from extracted air. Cyclones are also used in oil refineries to separate oils and gases, and in the cement industry as components of kiln preheaters. Smaller cyclones are used to separate airborne particles for analysis. 

This kind of cyclone collector is used in the following industry: 

Metallurgy Foundry Industry 

Building Material Industry 

Chemical Industry 

Food Industry 

Cement Industry 

Catching the dry nonfibrous particals, dust & fume. 

Can be used as recovering equipment.

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