Bag Filter Introduction

Baghouse belongs belongs to dry type dust collecting device to capture fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. Its filtering material is woven filtration cloth or non-woven needle felt fabric. In the process of filtering, due to filtration, collision, stranding, diffusion and electrostatic effect, the surface of filter bags are accumulated first layers of dust, which are the main filtering layers. As in the accumulation of dust on the surface of filter bags, the filtering resistance will be increased and collection efficiency will be declined, therefore, after the resistance reaches certain value, the soot cleaning in time.

Working Principle

1) By the attraction of induced draft fan, the dusty air is absorbed into ash bucket, through the affection of air deflector, the gas is distributed evenly onto each filter bag, then the coarse particles are intercepted in the outer surface of filter bag, but clean air will pass through and be discharged into the air. 

2)The dust on the surface of filter bag will reduce permeability that leads to resistance increase of dust collector,so when it reach to set value (resistance or time),the pulse valve will be opened a short time(about 0.1 s) under controlled by PLC, the high pressure gas instantly from air bag into injection pipe, and blowing out through injection holes in high speed. 

3)When this high speed gas blows into filter bag, secondary airflow will generate, under their combined affection, filter bag inner pressure rapidly rise to make filter bag become convex,and when this deformation reach up to maximum value,it produce reverse acceleration, which helps to peel off dust from surface of filter bag.

filtration process

Structure of Baghouse

Air Inlet System 

smoke chimney duct,inlet valve group,air deflector, air distribution plate 

Air chamber 

upper chamber(filtration chamber),middle chamber(filter bag),perforated plate,filter bags,filter cages and access door ,compressed air pipe,injection pipe,electro-magnetic pulse solenoid valves, air tank and compressed air duct. 

Pulse valve( from Australia) 

Good quality, 5 years guarantee(including diaphragm,spring and solenoid coil)

Full automatic production, 100% quality assurance 

Convenient installation and maintenance 

Quick open and close Low resistance(high Cv/Kv) 

Outlet system

induced draft fan,motor, exhaust duct and related valves. 

Ash discharge system 

ash bucket, cinder valve and conveyor

Electric controlling system 

Online, offline, timing or fixing resistance and so on diversified dust deashing methods are available, also can be free converted between them, or set terms to convert. 


Test system 

differential pressure test system,temperature test system, material level test system, dust concentration test system and compressed air low pressure alarm system. 

Differential pressure test 

Between air inlet and outlet differential pressure test, directly obseve dust removal resistance, also send signal to PLC controller to deash under setted resistance. 

Temperature test 

To test gas temperature, when inlet gas temperature more than set alarm temperature(approaching filter bag maximum using temperature), it will send alarm by temperature alarm device to center controller that adopts cooling measure in time to avoid burning filter bag 

Material level test 

To be installed on designated spot of ash bucket, when ashes reach set quantitative value, this material level indicator send alarm to center controller or send signal to PLC controller to control ash conveying working. 

Dust concentration test 

Can test dust content of exhaust air and find out if filter bag breakage or other factors to lead to excessive emission.

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