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Shanxi Yangguang is a manufacturer of electromagnetic pulse valves for custom industrial dust collectors.

Pulse Valves

Electromagnetic pulse valve is opened and closed through the unloading hole of the electric signal control valve body.

Product Specification:
  • Pressure :


  • Gas Media :

    clean air

  • Voltage :

    DC24 AC110 AC220

  • Current :

    0.8A 0.46A 0.23A

  • Body :

    diecast aluminum

  • Diaphragm :

    nitrile rubber

  • Type :

    angle type, submerged type, directional type

Solenoid Valves Details

Pulse valve mainly used in environmental dust industries. Electromagnetic pulse valve is a compressed air "switch" of pulse jet bag filter cleaning system . With electromagnetic pre-head ,diaphragm and valve body.Electric control cabinet inputs electronic signal, bag-by-room begin injection cleaning, so dust is maintained within the set range, in order to ensure processing power and dust collection efficiency.

composition of electromagnetic pulse valve 

solenoid coil, pilot kit, armature clamping plate, pilot press plate, armature valve seat, pilot valve seat, small diaphragm kit, big bonnet, big spring, big diaphragm assembly. 

Working Principle 

Electromagnetic pulse valve is opened and closed through the unloading hole of the electric signal control valve body. When the valve body is unloaded, the pressure gas in the rear cavity of the valve is discharged, the pressure gas in the front cavity of the valve is choked by the pressure blocking hole in the membrane, which is raised and the pulse valve begins to blow. When the valve body stops unloading, the pressurized gas fills in the rear cavity of the valve rapidly through the orifice. Because of the difference in the force-summing area of both membrane sides on the valve body, the gas in the rear cavity of the valve exerts a great force, the membrane closes the orifice of the valve reliably and the pulse valve stops blowing. Electric signals are timely by ms. In the instance when the pulse valve opens, a strong impact gas flow is produced to effect instantaneous blowing.

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Pulse Valve Definition

Diaphragm valve consists of electromagnetic valve, pilot valve and pulse valve that controlled by electric signal. 

According to angle of valve and air inlet can be divided into three forms: 

a) Right angle pulse valve - right angle valve with an included angle of 90 degrees between its outlet and inlet. It is applicable to installation and connection between the air reservoir and dusting jet pipe. With smooth air, it can provide required pulse deashing air flow.

b) Straight way pulse valve - Straight way valve means the center line of inlet and outlet are in the same line. The inlet is connected to air manifold and outlet connected to blowpipe. This type of pulse valve is big air cavity, blowing volume and convenient for installation. 

c) Submerged pulse valve - This valve seat is inlaid in the air chamber with small resistance, good circulation and high blowing volume, thereby increasing the load driving quantity and expanding the application range of gas source pressure, which is more suitable for occasions where the gas source pressure is lower.

 How to judge a high quality pulse valve? 

1) good switching characteristics 

2) good circulation 

3) reliable service life

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