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China Shanxi Jinse Yangguang is a manufacturer specialized in all kinds of special industrial supporting dust collector bags. The main materials are FMS, p84, PPS, PTEE, fiberglass, polyester,Nomex fiber, etc.

Filter Bag

This filter bag structure should meet the requirement of filtration and dust collecting in the corresponding baghouse. at the same time, it should be easy to insta...

Product Specification:
  • Place of Origin :

    Shanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name :


  • Type :

    Pocket Filter

  • Usage :

    Dust Filter

  • Shape :

    round, flat, envelope

  • Warranty :

    one year

Dust Filter Bag Introduction

The filter bags are the key elements which determine the dust collecting efficiency and working temperature. Renewal of bags creates major cost in maintaining bag-house. So, the lifetime of bag is the main factor affecting the cost and working condition of bag-house. And if you are interested in our filter bags, please see FAQ and send us inquiry.

Our filter bag series are as follows:

filter  bag 9 (1)filter  bag 9 (2)filter bag 3filter bag 4filter bag 2 (1)filter bag 2 (2)filter bag 6 (1)filter bag 6 (2)filter bag 7

Filter Bag Introduction

Our company choose different type fineness polyester fiber to make into the gradient type structure filter material, which make the product not only have the common felt's advantage of high voidage , good air permeability, high dust collecting efficiency, long service life, etc. But also have the advantage of the moderate temperature rating, can reach 150 degrees at the moment, moderate effect of the anti-acid and anti-alkali, and has very good abrasion resistance. Weight from 350g/m3-600g/m3, thickness from 1mm to 4mm, width below 2.5 meters, such cloth our factory all could produce, and can be cut into various of width, just as your mind request.

According to the different requirements of the different working condition, surface treatment can be done as singeing, calendering, oil and water proof, PTFE impregnation, coating, laminating process, etc.

Main Features 

1) the sewing equipment imported from abroad. 

2) all the related accessories with the bag designed and produced by ourselves. 

3) developing advanced methods to install bags so the renewal of bag is simplified. 

4) selecting domestic and foreign excellent filter media according to different requirements 

5) exported in batch to both japan, Canada, and USA. 

Four factors affecting the lifetime of filter bags 

excellent sewing skill 

advanced technology 

complete equipment 

no burrs or damaged parts 

neither skip stitch nor broken stitch 

reasonable structure design

 the filter bag structure should meet the requirement of filtration and dust collecting in the corresponding baghouse. at the same time, it should be easy to install, have good sealing while having relevant filtration area and condition. 

appropriate filter media selection 

temperature,moisture level and chemical characteristic of air, as well as partical size, weight, shape, abrasive behavior, dust concentration, filtration velocity, cleaning style, emission concentration and working system of baghouse should be considered for media selection. 

accurate usage 

accurate and careful installation 

reliable and effective dust cleaning 

avoiding unexpected abnormal conditions 

equipment maintenance

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