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Shanxi Yangguang is a manufacturer of custom industrial Diaphragm Valves.


Namely, rubber diaphragm , key part of solenoid pulse valves, consists of rivet, air holes and rubber gasket.

Product Specification:
  • Structure :


  • Pressure :


  • Material :

    Nitrile Rubber

  • Temperature :


  • Place of Origin :

    Shanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Application :

    intalled into pulse jet valve

  • Color :


  • Size :


  • Thickness :


  • Service Life :

    1-1.5 million cycles

Rubber Diaphragm Details

Diaphragm is one of the most important components of electromagnetic pulse valve, high-quality electromagnetic pulse valve must match with high-performance diaphragm. 

The diaphragm of pulse valves in the working condition of high quality on and off for a long time, so high-quality diaphragm must have features as follows: 

> high adhesive strength and tensile strength 

> excellent aging resistance and corrosion resistance 

> long life span 

> low maintenance charge 

> reliable tightness 

Rubber diaphragm with long service life, can accurately perform synchronous operation with other control components. Even under extremely poor working conditions, can guarantee their normal work and long service life. 

1. Species :Variety of large and small, thick and thin with fabric interlayer diaphragm; 

2. Process : about fabric,according to customer's demand,using a suitable glue and cloth bonding together; 

3.Material :NBR, natural rubber, neoprene, EPDM, Teflon,Fluorine etc;

4. Usage :long service life, can accurately synchronized operation with other control components. 

Specific product customization: actual use of the product depends on working pressure; work environment; operating frequency; and so the role of various factors; its sensitivity, life and product quality relationship is very large.

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Diaphragm Description

namely, rubber diaphragm , key part of solenoid pulse valves, consists of rivet, air holes and rubber gasket. diaphragm's size is custom-made, besides, we have other material diaphragms, such as: teflon, ptfe, natural rubber etc. shore hardness of diaphragm: 50-80, smooth surface, long lifetime, no crack.

Normal temperature diaphragm: -30℃-100℃ working pressure: 0.8MPa; 

high temperature diaphragm: 150℃-220℃. 

a)fabric interlayer 

b) Nitrile rubber, natural rubber, neoprene rubber, EPDM rubber, PTFE rubber, etc. 

c) long lifetime > 1 million times d) shore hardness: 50-80 e) normal temperature diaphragm: -30℃-100℃; high temperature: 150℃-220℃ 

d) working pressure: 0.8 MPa good sealing, air tightness, compact structure, smooth surface, flat, no crack and air bubbles. 

The size of diaphragm is based on your pulse valves, free sample is available for your quality test.

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