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Shanxi Yangguang is a manufacturer of custom industrial dust collector screw conveyor.


Screw conveyor is an efficient way of transporting bulk material horizontally or with small angles.

Product Specification:
  • Type :

    U & tube type

  • Convey :

    shaft & shaftless

  • Angle :

    Horizontal & Vertical

  • Thickness :


  • Length :


  • Temperature :


  • Origin :


Screw Conveyor Introduction

According to mode of operation, we can have belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator and scrapper conveyor. we will describe here first about screw conveyor mainly: Screw conveyor is an efficient way of transporting bulk material horizontally or with small angles. A rotating screw pushes the material along within an enclosure from point A to point B.

screw conveyor

Working Principle

The discharge falls from the hopper into one of the screw conveyor inlet, a rotating screw powered by a motor pushes the material along and within an enclosure shaft from one point to another. At the end of the shaft, the material simply falls into a container or a rotary air lock depending upon the application. 

Horizontal Screw Conveyor 

When the material into the fixed machine tank, due to the gravity of the material and the friction between the slot,accumulation in the lower part of the material tank, not with the spiral body rotation,only in the spiral vane to move forward to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. 

Vertical screw conveyor 

Vertical screw conveyor of the spiral of the screw speed is higher than ordinary screw conveyor,the added material in the role of centrifugal force, produced a friction with the chassis.The frictional force prevents the material from rotating with the helical vane and overcomes the gravitational force of the material, to realize the vertical transportation of the material.

TD type small mining bucket elevator for powder conveying

TD bucket elevator adopts America Kangning company's advanced technology D type bucket updated products. Its main feature: add specifications and hopper types,improve hopper operation speed and capacity, increase the hoisting of height, expand the scope of use, can meet the conveying requirements for building, mechanical, chemical, power, food and light industries. The bucket elevator uses two unloading methods: the centrifugal and the hybrid, suitable for powder, particles, small materials without grinding-cut whose accumulation less than 1.5t/m3 and temperature 60 degree.

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