Factors for Baghouse Design

To design and choose the pulse jet bag dust collector also need to know about the air volume, gas temperature, moisture, dust concentration and dust nature etc., Besides, we have to take considering following questions: 

 1) pressure loss 

 2) Air-Cloth-Ratio 

 3) air volume (m3/min) / filtering speed (m/min) = actual filtering material area (m2) 

 4) the inner structure of dust filter shell, such as how many chambers, cages, the size of filter bags etc.

dust collector

  • Long Bag Dust Collector


    offline dust cleaning

    Baghouse for steel & iron plant with high collection efficiency

  • Bag Dust Collector


    dust collector

    Dust collecting system for ferrosilicon furnace plant

  • Dust Collector


    industrial dust collector

    12500 KV dust collection system for electric furnace

  • Bag Filter


    Industrial dust collector

    Vibrating Screen dust collecting in coal factory

  • Dust Filter


    bag house

    Coal washery plant dust collector

  • Single Bag Dust Collector


    bag filter

    Activated carbon plant dust collecting

  • Baghouse


    dust filter

    Blast furnace dust collecting system

  • Baghouse


    pulse bag dust collector

    Foundry plant dust collecting system

  • Dust Collecting System


    bag type dust collector

    Bag type dust collector for secondary dust collecting in steel smelting plant

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