Blast Furnace Dust Collecting System

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  • March 30, 2017

Dust Filter Parameter

Filter area: 9000 m2   Air volume: 550000m3/h      Filter area: 5000 m2   Air volume: 330000m3/h     Filter area: 7000 m2   Air volume: 440000m3/h

bag dust collector

Baghouse Concept

-High collection efficiency >=99.9%, especially for fine dust particle -Good adaptability for capturing different particle size dust 

-Flexible to use in the process of air volume from hundreds of cubic meters to thousands of cubic meters per hour. 

-Simple structure for easy installation and spare parts replacement -Stable operation, easy for dry materials recycling without sludge treatment and corrosion problems, convenient for maintenance 

-According to gas temperature, to choose suitable filter bags is important for baghouse, polyester needled felt : 120~130℃, glassfiber needled felt: about 250℃, or other special filter materials needed or use cooling measures.

-This bag filter is not suitable for caking property dust, especially dusty air temperature is lower than the dew point. It will cost high when your air volume is large and floor space big. Filter bags need to be replaced regularly to ensure the system working.