Dust Collection System for Magnesium Alloy Plant

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  • March 29, 2017

山西大土和焦化金属镁废渣循环利用系统(coking magnesium metal waste slag recycling system)

Dust Collection System for Magnesium Alloy Plant

Problem: in the process of reduction of slag, due to the ash temperature reaches up 900 deg. and be cooled when poured into the slag pit, during the course of pouring, cooling and loading, a lot of super fine dust will be produced and fluttered in the air which will cause serious pollution.

Pollutant: fine dust (Calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron,silicon,aluminum)

Temperature: 850 deg.

Type: NLCM1700

Air Volume: 120000m3/h

Filter Area: 1680m2

before dedusting)_副本


    Before dedusting system, there are lots of slag dust discharged out 

    and the dark smoke rises seriously which pollute the air