Ferrosilicon Furnace Dust Collecting System

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  • March 29, 2017

大土河硅铁炉出铁口除尘(ferrosilicon furnace dust collecting system).JPG

Ferrosilicon Furnace Dust Collecting System

Pollutant: there are two magnesium alloy plants (12500 Kv) without dedusting system on chimney which is discharged out lot of smoke, that will affect health and pollute the local environment, we design the following dust collecting system according to this situation.

Type of Baghouse: NLCM925

Air Volume: 60000m3/h,

Gas Temperature: <150 deg.

Filtering Area: 925m2,

Resistance: 1200-1400 Pa

Filter Bag: FMS Filter Bag

Pressure: 4500 Pa

Power: 110 kw 

Year of Construction: Jan. 2008